The Secret to a Stylish & Functional Small Bathroom

Clever finishes and good storage are the key to any good functioning bathrooms.

I am dreaming of a huge marble bathroom with a free standing bath in the middle ( I’m sure you do too) but it’s not achievable for many of us.

You can achieve glam and function in a small area , you just have to be extremely smart with your choices so you don’t clutter the space.

Let’s start with the planning!

Decide what features are important for you – storage, bath tub?

Will a bath tub fit in the space? Can it be free a standing bath?

Remember, they come in different sizes so do some research on that. Try to pick an oval tub which creates the illusion of space .

Can you fit a shower in ? Try not to overcrowd the space but if it’s a must for you, then fit an over-bath shower in.

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Now let’s talk about style and function

  1. Keep it simple!

If you are scared of colours and patterns, just use neutral colours. That will make the room feel lighter and brighter. You can use colours with your accessories if you feel like.

  1. 2. Mirror, mirror, mirror!

Mirror is your best friend- use mirrored shaving cabinet, hang a long mirror on the wall or even use mirror tiles on your walls. They reflect light, will brighten up your room and create the illusion of spaciousness.

  • 3. Use Wall-hung toilet, vanity and cabinet to free up floor space.
  • Wall mount your taps if you have a small vanity to save space for accessories.
  • 4. Forget about the shower curtain!

Use frame-less glass panels in your shower for flawless, elegant feel.

  • 5. Tiles

Choosing the right tile can be hard. It can make or break your space. Read my full guide on how to choose tiles for your home here.

  • 6. Heroes

Introducing too many heroes in one space will be very distracting and distasteful.

Are you safe with your tile choice? Use a hero bathtub or vanity piece. Are you using a bold decorative tile? Tone the rest down to keep the space in harmony.

  • 7. Make a statement with decorative tiles.

Yes, you can do it in a small area! It’s eye-catching, gorgeous and fun!

Read more about how to make statement with decorative tiles.

  • 8. Go Dark!

Most of us are scared to create a dark bathroom but you can achieve a luxurious, 5 * hotel feel in your space.

Photo Credit & Design: Urban Interiors
  • 9. Dreaming of a natural stone bathroom ( eg. marble, terrazzo, travertine ) without the cost and maintenance involved?

Go with their porcelain tile options. You’ll be sure to find the alternative porcelain tile for everything you like!

  • 10. Skylights

Natural light is the key to making a small space feel bigger. Skylights are a great option for when windows aren’t enough.

Photo credit: Pinterest
  • 11. Have a shower nook / recessed shelving built in for your toiletries.

Practical to keep the space clutter free. Use the same feature tile in this area that you use on your feature wall.

Photo credit: Pinterest
  • 12. Sliding doors

Opt for a door that stays parallel with the wall at all times ( slide into the wall or door on the rail) instead of hinged doors that take up space in your small area.

Photo credit: Home Bunch Interior
  • 13.Plants

Add a splash of colour and life to your bathroom with an indoor plant or two. They will purify the air and open up the space.

Photo Credit : The Planty Life
  • 14. Storage
  • Use a tall boy that reaches the tallest possible for extra storage space or have a built in floor to ceiling cabinet
  • Choose shaving cabinet with storage function instead of plain mirror
  • Use baskets and and bins if you have open shelves to keep the space neat and tidy
  • Lean a ladder right up against the wall behind your toilet to provide extra room for hanging linens or a shower caddy
Photo credit: Pinterest

I hope these tips will help you create your dream bathroom. Don’t forget to share the result with us.

If you feel you need help with the design and choosing the right tile, make an appointment with us here.

Happy Renovating!

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