Bathroom Renovation Guide

If you are thinking about renovating your bathroom, there are several important aspects to consider and decisions to make before you proceed.Think about the end result you want to achieve and the main reasons for renovating.Is your existing bathroom not practical or does not provide what you require?

You may want an updated style, new taps, a new vanity and basin, more storage, a fresh new look?Perhaps there is potential for you to increase the value of your home, investing for the future?

In today’s homes, your bathroom should provide a haven or retreat from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house, where you can relax and unwind at the end of the day. Your lifestyle and how many people will be using the bathroom will influence the design, layout, fixtures and fittings required to achieve the result best suited to your family. The choices you make should be influenced by your current needs while also considering what might be required in the future. A well-designed and functional bathroom will add value to any home, so it is important to spend time doing your research before you ‘jump in’.

1. Decide on the style of your bathroom

Go online, search ideas on Pinterest, create a look book of what you like. Be mindful about the style of your home to continue the feel and look throughout the whole house.

2. Prioritise

What is that you definitely want to change, and you wouldn’t compromise on it? What is your must have? Bath, vanity, tiles? Note it down.

3. Work with a licenced builder

A professional person will always give you options, guidance and make sure the job complies with the standards and laws. Don’t risk working with an unlicensed person, it will just give you more headache at the end and the project will surely cost you more.

Renovation can be stressful, let the professionals help you and make things easier for you.

4. Have a budget and be open about it

When locking in your budget make sure you leave approximately 10% extra for unexpected surprises. Piping, floor levelling, electrical wiring can all result unexpected cost. By having a budget set aside, won’t hurt as much as it was non budgeted.Being aware of all aspects involved in a bathroom renovation before you start will avoid any surprises relating to the costs involved — an experienced bathroom designer or renovation specialist will help you plan to achieve the desired result within your budget allocation.

renovation budget

5. Lighting

Lacking natural light? Consider installing a skylight.Integrate task lighting especially for the bathroom mirror and vanity area.Want to add a lux feel? Add a pendant / chandelier above the bathtub.


6. Choosing your Tiles

Here is your opportunity to make a statement or keep it neutral and organic. Click here to see our detailed advice on how to choose the right tiles.


7. Grout

Grout can make or break your design. Decide whether you want to make the grout colour a feature of the design, be neutral or blend with your tile. When you have decided, make sure you give your tiler clear instructions


8. Fixtures and Fitting

Only use the best-quality fittings and hardware for your bathroom, a room which is used daily for many years. Hettich hinges and drawers have lifetime warranties to ensure long-term peace of mind. Tap ware and towel rails- use matching pieces.

9. Storage

Storage is such an underestimated factor but so important! Make sure you have eye level storage for all your daily bits and pieces by installing a mirror cabinet and not just a mirror. Have a good vanity cabinet with heaps of drawers, look for hidden corners and unused spaces. Functionality is the key!


10. Accessories

If you choose a simple and neutral tile, it’s the perfect opportunity to bring colours and patterns into the space with towels, artworks and plants.If you decided to go with some crazy patterned tiles, keep the accessories simple and don’t overdo it. Less is more in this case.

Just be sure not to have too many elements competing for the spotlight. Choose one hero feature in your bathroom design.


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