How to choose the right tiles for your home?

Are you a new home owner or are you renovating ? Either way, choosing the right tile for your home seems to be hard at first but I’ll help you by sharing my best tips with you.

1. Pick your dream tile


You might have a very unique tile in mind or something very simple like white subway tile . Either way, use that one tile as your starting point.

2. Have a plan or design ideas with you when visiting the store

If you have an interior designer involved with the project, it’s easy. If not, I recommend you to visit Pinterest and start searching for ideas. Create a board for the pictures you like so you will be able to show us your style.
Very important, to take your existing home’s style into consideration as you don’t want to create mix match of styles. Also, have your measurements with you so you can advise the sales person. Always add 10% on top for waste.

3. Think about the functionality and maintenance involved

Are you looking for tiles for your bathroom? If this is the case we recommend you to look for porcelain tiles as these are the most suitable for wet areas. They are very durable, high scratch and stain resistant, easy to clean and no polishing or sealing is required. Try to look for unglazed tiles as those are less slippery.

If you are after natural stone products, they are beautiful but they have a higher price tag, there is more maintenance involved and more vulnerable to acid and stain very easily. Nowadays you can have the exact natural stone look in a porcelain tile version. The choice is yours.

marble look tile

Mosaic tiles are endless in colour, style and size and can be great features in any room. When choosing mosaic tiles for a wet area like your bathroom floor, make sure you check if the mosaic you choose is suitable for designated area.

4. Choose the right tile size for the space

The size of the room to be tiled will need to be taken into consideration, and tiles size should be in proportion to the size of your room. You can create optical illusions by using the right shape of tiles.
For example if you have a low ceiling height use a rectangular tile laid vertically which can draw they eye upward, helping to create the illusion of a more open space with a higher ceiling.


If your room has limited floor space with tall ceilings, laying your floor tile horizontally will create the illusion of width making the space feel more open.

5. Choose the right colour

Colour plays a really important part of tile selection. Light coloured or neutral tiles will always make any space appear larger. Your space will feel more open, spacious and bright.

A darker tile on the other side can make your bathroom feel much smaller but it will also create a sense of drama and sophistication. Click for inspiration.


6. Get a sample before you buy

It is always a good idea to take home a sample of your choice of tile to see what the colour, size and finish of it will look like.The colour of the tile can look completely different depending on the type of lights the area will be exposed to so I strongly recommend you not skipping this step.

7. Pick the right grout

Some people tend to choose a very contrasting colour grout but after a while you’ll find it to be too boring for your eyes. I highly recommend you choose the grout colour the closest you can to the actual tile colour.

8. Have a budget in mind

Having a budget in mind is useful as that will help to narrow down the options you look at. You don’t want to fall in love with a tile twice over your budget , right? Set your budget and tell the sales person in store to make the selection process quicker.

I hope these tips helped to make this process easier for you as it can be overwhelming sometimes. Remember, here at Cerastone, we offer free design consultation to make your decision even easier, so why not contact us to make an appointment today?

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